30 simple vintage braid hairstyles, to be an ancient Chinese princess

With the growing popularity of costume drama, many girls want to be as beautiful as the heroine, so beautiful antique hair is not less. Today for everyone to clean up vintage hair, beautiful women to learn.

Qi bangs style elegant dish hair: hair along with the cheek comb straight hair, the back of the hair along the tip of the ear fixed into a disc hair type, the hair behind the head together, directly tied up with a hairband.

Qi Liu hai qing ting hairstyle: hair combed from the two sides to the middle, closed and fixed into a neat hairtail, long hair comb hairstyle is particularly delicate. Hairpin hairstyle combed down the top, hairstyle around, hairpin will be tied up in a bun.

No bangs style princess hair type: this enchanting style of girls’ dish hair, is a bit exaggerated, but the hairstyle design is particularly suitable for girls princess hair comb. No Liu Hai princess hair type, the hair on both sides of the hair and hair hair hair sub-area back fixed with a fake bun.

Qi Liu Haiza high hair type: similar to the head of a dish hair style, Qi Liu Hai and high pull up the bun, formed this look simple, but also very simple antique hair. Hair ornaments dotted in the middle of the bun, hair long pulls a few more can.

After combing the hair into two sides, combing the hair directly, combing the tail into a wider hair pattern, fixing the braid up and dishing it up.

High hair in the middle of the bun hair type: in the modern film and television drama more commonly seen a hairstyle, girls in the high hair bun hair type, hair combed in the middle of the hair, hair silk to the top of the hair, with a hairband to fix the hair, the bun is extremely high and fluffy very good.

No bangs hair type: the ancient hairstyle is naturally no pill head of the name, comb hair along the tip of the ear began to comb up hair, both sides of the hair are particularly natural, hair combed up the appearance, there is a hair to make the bun more textured, hairpin fixed at the end of the dish hair.

Liu in the middle of the ancient style hair: the role of a hairband, a makeup change, so that the hair has a particularly different side. The girl is divided into Liu hai dish hair type, hair from the top directly into a bun, high dish hair with a hairband ring, the hair will be combined with the end of the hair belt production, tied into a bow.

Ancient fashion oblique bangs half tie hair: hair tied up half of the hair, girls after the antique fringe combed the past hair, bangs position hair is short hair, it doesn’t matter, the back of the hair down the head to the side directly close, hair directly from the two sides of the bun around.


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