18 Exquisite EASY Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Tutorial For Women

Learn how to tie a charming and temperamental fishbone braid at home, are you ready? Let’s get started!

Method One

Step1. First, divide the hair into two different parts. Next, you need to take two small hairs from the edge of the upper area, place them on your hands, and divide the two small hairs into two parts.

Step2. The first strand and the second strand on the left are mixed and crossed, and then placed on the right hand. Cross the first strand and the second strand to the right, and place them on the right hand after crossing. Cross the two strands on the right hand again, and then place the hair on the left hand.

Step3. Repeat the previous step several times to keep the hair straight.

Step4. With the help of both hands, process the braided fishbone braid and pull it slightly to make it look more layered.

Step5. Take out the hair accessories prepared in advance for embellishment, this elegant and simple fishbone braid is ready!

Method Two

Step1. Divide long hair into two parts with more equal hair volume.

Step2. Process the two strands of hair and add a third strand of hair to it. At this time, you need to pay attention that the two strands of hair in the first step must always stay still.

Step3. The hair that is continuously added to the first and second strands is also picked from these two strands.

Step4. The process of adding and weaving has been performed, so that the fishbone braid is finished.

Step5. Pull the hair properly with both hands to make it look more fluffy.

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